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Chris Metaxas , VP of Government Sales, Risk Group, LexisNexis below

Sally Vogel, VP of Government Sales, LexisNexis next near bottom

September 1, 2010

Nancy McCarthy
DC Rainmakers
Bethesda, MD

Dear Nancy
We, at LexisNexis, are very fortunate to take advantage of your sales development and coaching and sales team evaluation services for the past 2 years.  I feel that your efforts played an integral part role in my team's growth and transformation from being product servicing people to becoming solution sales professionals.  Your insight and commitment in working with us allowed me to exceed my goals, with 14% growth and a team that is well equipped to take on new challenges.
We covered many dimensions in our plan together and I wanted to reflect on the significant areas where I saw the best results working with you.  First, you were integral in shaping my sales team and bringing out their own personal strengths. By teaching them how they had responsibility for their personal brand and how they were in control of how customers viewed them and interacted with them, you gave them a greater sense of purpose that was aligned clearly with my go to market strategy and impact I wanted to make with our customers.  The training you gave elevated their skill sets and aligned my people with the high end of the customer opportunity spectrum, where we have seen proof of new and exciting opportunities. 
By actively involving my mid level managers in the cultivation of their people you instilled a sense of ownership in the final product of how our folks turned out.  To be frank, it was challenging at first in getting reluctant managers to go through a process but your ability to show progress and help them gage improvement by being actively involved proved to be extraordinary in ensuring that the team was functioning with a common mission.  This, plus your manager's roundtables where you helped manager's help each other was a fantastic idea in stimulating interactions that we can take with us as a management discipline.
For my direct reports, you opened their eyes and gave them deeper insight into how development plays a role in having a winning team.  You allowed them to drive their people to higher standards and helped me change a dynamic in the company where we were able to successfully raise the bar on who get's to be on our team and how they are expected to perform.  Your coaching of my managers instilled focus on the dynamics of the opportunities and engagements with our customers.   This was critical to making the transformation we achieved and the stellar results we realized for 2009 and 2010.
Finally, for me, I cannot tell you how pleased I am to work with you.  I am convinced that your development and coaching played a strong role in making my organization to be the high performance team that it is.  I can look back at my people and my managers and say with a smile that I have the best team in the industry and proud to lead them.  Your help and guidance was essential to me feeling this way.
Thanks Nanc,

Chris Metaxas
Vie President, Government Sales

Sally Vogel, VP of Government Sales, LexisNexis

After years of being employed at LexisNexis, as a high performing sales person, Nancy McCarthy is consulting to LexisNexis to advise and coach management on Sales Development and increasing new revenue issues. She has consulted and coached me, the managers and members of the team. Her evaluations are accurate and come with strategic suggestions for moving forward. She is incredibly creative and I value her guidance. I have greatly benefited by her strategic and tactical advice and coaching over the years.

I was comfortable bringing her in as a sales coach/consultant, because she has a great ability to see the big picture and always overachieve. Also, I knew how she was loved by her customers who raved about her and did not want to work with anyone else.

As a sales coach she worked on putting into practice the essential keys of Consultative Selling. She focused very successfully on gaining agreement and confirming understanding before moving on to other issues. Nancy stresses Listening Skills in all her activities as the core basis to hearing and understanding the customer after asking great questions. She uses a variety of coaching techniques that worked well with our managers and helped them learn how to work better with their teams.

Nancy has a wonderful ability to inspire others to see the possibilities and open minds to new ideas. She has been great to work with!

Very best,
Sally Vogel
VP of Government Sales


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