Collected Client Quotes from Salespeople and Evaluation Forms

Robin Evans, Senior Salesperson, " I doubled my own personal income as well as more than doubled my revenue and average sale since working with Nancy McCarthy. My confidence in handling presentations and sales meetings has sky rocketed and given me the ability to ask for and close more larger business. Even though she does not accept this, I attribute my success to her!"


“Nancy’s presence has gotten everyone in the organization to start thinking about the importance of sales to the company.  She has a keen eye for the big picture within a business and has gotten everyone to focus on our message.”
- Quote from a coaching evaluation form of a top salesperson that was coached.

“Having Nancy is a fantastic step. The simple fact that the company has invested anything into improving the skills of its sales team is fantastic! It is more than most companies do regardless of their size.”
- Quote from a coaching evaluation of a salesperson.

“Nancy is a wonderful person and a professional coach. She has worked incredibly well with our team.”
- Quote from a coaching evaluation of a salesperson.

“I really have benefited from developing higher level sales skills and receiving feedback from Nancy.”
- Quote from a salesperson who was #1 in the organization.

“This is the best thing any company has done for increasing sales that I have worked for! She substantially improved my success on the phone and I closed more qualified appointments and closed more deals.”
- Quote from a coaching evaluation of a salesperson.

“Nancy’s focus on ‘opportunity cost’ in a time management perspective has allowed me to make much better use of my time — I think about it all the time!”
- Quote from a coaching evaluation of a salesperson.

“To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Nancy McCarthy for 20 years and this letter is written in high recommendation of her significant credentials as a sales performance coach.

Nancy is uniquely qualified to coach superior performance both due to her own 20+ years successful sales career as well as 3 key attributes she embraces. That is: consistent enthusiasm and high energy, superior listening skills, and her unique ability to both quickly and accurately assess sales maker skill levels, associated gaps, and required intervention.”
- A Business Owner and former sales performance coach at Sprint

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