Marta Wilson, PhD , CEO, Transformation Systems, Inc.

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“TSI began working with DC Rainmakers weekly in 2006 with Nancy McCarthy serving as our Virtual VP of Sales. Nancy then graduated to Chief Sales and Marketing Strategist, and she eventually recruited TSI’s new VP of Strategic Development. By the end of 2012, TSI’s profitable revenue had increased by 500% since we started working with DC Rainmakers. In 2012, TSI worked for 9 months with established recruiters who were unable to identify a rainmaker to fill TSI’s senior sales position titled VP of Strategic Development. TSI asked Nancy to add recruiting to her sales consulting services and use her expertise as a rainmaker to identify candidates who could bring great results to the bottom line. Within 30 days Nancy’s recruiting efforts identified 4 candidates who could do the job, and TSI could choose anyone of them for the open VP position. From the 4 great candidates, we selected a true rainmaker to join the TSI team, and within 60 days he was creating profitable bottom line results. Now, several months later we are extremely happy with our increased sales and business development activity and TSI’s stronger visibility within our target market. Nancy has great insight and intuition about who is and is not a rainmaker, so she could screen for only the very best candidates who would be successful. I would highly recommend her recruiting services. Strategy is critical for TSI. DC Rainmakers’ consulting and coaching process was beneficial in the strategic development and planning areas to help TSI attain our high revenue growth goals. Nancy worked closely with me on our overall strategy and has greatly expanded my knowledge and vision for our sales effort to achieve our profitable, sustainable revenue growth goals since 2006. Her evaluation of how to increase profitable revenue with existing clients and capture strategy development for new clients is insightful, creative and effective to our bottom line and highly valuable because until August 2012 we did not have a VP of Strategic Development (VP of Sales). Sales is important to TSI. Sessions with DC Rainmakers were transformational for TSI’s executives and non-sales professionals who act as our sales force and support our VP of Strategic Development. Our entire team is now keeping an eye out for business development opportunities from our consultants on site to me, the CEO. Thanks to Nancy, everybody sells! Also, with Nancy’s guidance, we have improved our ability to analyze the bottom line with a solid sales pipeline, regular sales reviews and customer happiness checks. Professional growth matters to me, and DC Rainmakers has helped me grow and increase our profitable revenue in many ways as a CEO. Nancy has been a great coach and sales consultant helping us to become one of Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Companies for 4 consecutive years. Thank you, DC Rainmakers! Marta Wilson CEO, Transformation Systems, Inc.” January 11, 2013

Marta Wilson

CEO, Transformation Systems, Inc.



Altyn Clark, PhD, PE, Chief Solutions Officer, Transformation Systems, Inc.

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Creative
“TSI began working with DC Rainmakers in 2006. Over the next six years, Nancy took on many roles to enable our tremendous growth (Trainer, Sales Coach, Virtual VP of Sales, Sales and Marketing Strategist, Recruiter for TSI’s full-time VP, Sales). I worked personally with Nancy on my sales demeanor, my networking approach, and on polishing the delivery of capabilities presentations. She offered solid BD advice ranging from strategic to tactical, and her energetic and fun style made it easier to receive her open, honest and direct feedback about where I could improve. Nancy worked with TSI to prepare for sales presentations and joined us leading the sales call and debriefing, which provided a great learning experience for our staff. Demonstrating flexible capability, Nancy found 4 qualified candidates for our full-time VP Sales position in 30 days—after professional recruiters failed to produce the right match. Nancy will teach you what successful Rainmaker selling is all about and how to be outstanding in front of your customers.” January 11, 2013

Altyn Clark, PhD, PE
Chief Solutions Officer, Transformation Systems Inc



Robert S. Wilson, Chief Operations Officer, TRANSFORMATION SYSTEMS INC

January 19, 2013  

RE: Nancy McCarthy – DC Rainmakers

Transformation Systems began working with Nancy McCarthy as a sales consultant
in 2005 and over the years she has assisted our management with sales strategy
coaching on a wide range of objectives. Nancy has a natural feel for sales success,
and helped our team reach high levels of sales acumen.

In 2012, as part of our growth strategy, we made a decision to find and retain a full-
time business development person. We had little success with employment
recruiters. And we spent a lot of time evaluating unsatisfactory candidates. Finally,
we turned to Nancy for help in finding a suitable business development
professional. She already knew our requirements, market space, and culture.
Within weeks we had a number of highly qualified recruits to choose from. And in
no-time we had our new Vice President of Strategic Development. We couldn’t be
happier, and our sales effort has taken off.  

I don’t believe we could have independently identified the essential qualifications
we needed for this critical business development hire. And standard recruiters
struggled with the challenge. But Nancy was able to create a plan to find, screen and
evaluate a true sales professional. She applied a sharply defined list of qualifications
to the effort and worked her plan with great focus. I believe Nancy’s sales skills
were essential to her recruiting success. In hindsight, I wish we had begun our
talent search with Nancy. We would have had better results, faster.  


Robert S. Wilson, Chief Operations Officer