Finley Foster, EVP and General Manager, American Systems, Inc

Nancy McCarthy is an excellent sales coach as she understands the importance of listening to the customer to make it all about them and gathering information the competition won't and she focuses on it in her work.  She focuses on developing sales style and behaviors that will build high credibility that leads to greater success winning more deals that are profitable.  She helps build a relevant toolbox of questions because great questions allow the customer to talk 80% of the time which helps build winning proposals.

Nancy has an insight into people and especially business development people that allow her to be successful helping them better their best.  She coaches them from the positive view of what they are doing well but is incredibly astute in reading between the lines and determining who will truly become a rainmaker.  She was able to provide some great insight, and advice that will help us be more successful in achieving our goals.

Finley Foster
EVP and General Manager, American Systems Inc.

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