Chris Lee, CEO, Co-Founder, Chainbridge Technologies

Chainbridge Technologies has worked with DC Rainmakers since 2010.  Nancy McCarthy has had a significant positive impact on our company and has improved our entire sales process and how we think about and create strategies to build our company. From prospecting to pipeline management to closing new business, her no-nonsense approach has enhanced how we manage our sales cycle. She helped redefine what a good opportunity is and what a solid pipeline really looks like so we don’t waste time and focus on deals we can win. We save a significant amount of time by selling to the right prospects and have more new clients because of it.

From a high level strategic perspective to day-to-day tactical sales, Nancy has the skills to improve any sales department. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Our relationship with DC Rainmakers will continue because of the value brought to our organization.

Chris Lee
CEO, Co-Founder
Chainbridge Technologies



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