From David C. Coombs, Branch Manager, Sprint Nextel Business Services

I want to take the opportunity to let you know what an asset Nancy McCarthy has become to me and my sales team this year as a high performance executive sales coach. In a short period of time she has gotten so integrally involved in my team’s development and success that we have truly benefited. I hate to think of what we’d do without her!

In the professional world I encounter so few people who are willing and capable enough to roll up there sleeves and take charge of a difficult project or to inspire and motivate others to better their best. Even more rare, are those people who will see that project through to completion, and keep at it until there are results. Her results were outstanding!

Nancy worked with me on team evaluations and strategy per the suggestion of the Sprint Regional Vice President we reported to. She worked one on one and in groups with my entire team. Those that simply needed morale and team building came away excited to excel. Those that needed very detailed assistance on basic and advanced selling techniques improved and found her coaching very beneficial.

Nancy's strategy suggestions and evaluations were incredibly on target. My team members performed at a higher level after working with Nancy or came to understand they were choosing not to perform and reconsidered their true career goals. Either way, the outcome of her coaching improved the performance and morale of the sales branch. Nancy's assistance truly added to the success of our team being named #1 in the region. It was very competitive and we won!

Nancy is one of those rare people. She shares my philosophy of accountability for the reps, she has an innate ability to size people up quickly, exhibits great intuition and she's in the game to win. Her success with my team has made me a strong believer she will continue to do great things for other organizations as a result driven sales advisor, consultant and coach.

“Nancy is one of those people who truly stands out from the crowd. From the first time I met her, she impressed me with her commitment to success, her awesome enthusiasm, and her understanding of how to get things done. She has been a trusted advisor, and over the years I have really enjoyed watching her grow her own business exponentially. You will always feel fortunate if you ever get the chance to work with Nancy!” April 30, 2012

David C. Coombs
Branch Manager Southern Virginia
Sprint, Business Solutions

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