Terrific Teams Program!

Team Selling and Presentation Coaching & Evaluation for Orals and Sales Competitions

Nancy McCarthy has 20+ years of award winning sales including making $30 million dollar deal presentations. She has a reputation of winning most deals she identifies. Her experience with these successful presentations and the thousands of hours she has been coaching others on their winning presentations can be a winning addition to your team.

As a leader in your organization you understand the great value of preparing for sales competitions in Federal Procurement competitions as well as in the commercial market place. Coaching is offered for as many hours as needed when the team is ready to start practicing the presentation as well as an evaluation of the PowerPoint presentations to be used.

Nancy is tough and provides constructive feedback to ensure the strongest message and the most powerful impact possible by your team to win more business. If you can handle the challenge of being the best and increasing your win rate, she can help make it happen.

Team Coaching

Improve performance in a group setting with group feedback and brainstorming guided by an experienced Sales Coach in your conference room. Clients have found an additional benefit to these sessions is that there is great team building that takes place!

Make a One or Two Day Boot Camp out of any of these or a combination, 6 to 8 hours

  1. Presentation and Meeting Skills
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Voice Mails that have impact for Solution Selling
  4. Developing Value Statements for the Consultative Sale
  5. Defining what is a real prospect for your company
  6. Mock Networking with goals practice
  7. Learning Consultative, Solution Selling utilizing Qualifying Questions
  8. Listening Skills that win deals

Please inquire by calling Nancy McCarthy at 301-564-5198 or nmccarthy@dcRainmakers.com

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