Good to Great Program

for One-on-One Sales/Business Development Coaching and Capture Coaching

Help the good people on your team go from Good to Great! This service can include Sales VP's, Managers, salespeople and anyone else who is customer facing and can affect the reputation of your team and the success of closing deals. The ROI is very high for Nancy's one on one services. Some clients she worked with in 2005 have been delighted with their significant increase in revenue of up to 311% year over year.

Fortune 500 company CEO’s practice presentations, brainstorm to consider possibilities and make decisions. They do these things more successfully because they work with a coach before presenting their plans to others. You, your executives and consultants, the sales team and others will benefit greatly and increase sales.

This service offers the highest and fastest impact on increasing revenue by focusing on specific individual strength’s, successes, issues and needs. These services are provided on site in your corporate conference room for easy access. You can use your credit card and have total confidentially.

What Will One-On-One Sales Coaching Achieve?

Sales Skills Inventory Evaluation and Discussion

This first step determines where the desired areas of growth are for the individual by identifying the current level and the desired level to achieve.

Choose to better your best in any of these areas and more!

  1. Presentation and Meeting Skills
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Capture of deals
  4. Voice Mails that have impact for Solution Selling
  5. Developing Value Statements for the Consultative Sale
  6. Selling to the C Level
  7. Defining what is a real prospect for your company
  8. Mock Networking with goals practice
  9. Learning Consultative, Solution Selling utilizing Qualifying Questions
  10. Listening Skills that win deals & learning sometimes silence wins...
  11. Strategic Planning
  12. Reviewing Proposals for win ability
  13. Refining Soft Skills to build relationships
  14. Reviewing First Impressions to Win the Customer's Confidence
  15. Account Planning and bid/no bid evaluation
  16. New Market review, (open corporate or association market for example)
  17. Practicing many ways to ASK FOR THE DEAL
  18. Creation and Practice giving a 60 second sales blurb on customer results
  19. Creation of Voice Mails and emails that have impact for Solution Selling
  20. Developing your plan to increase sales
  21. Focus on increasing self- confidence and resiliency
  22. Why Plan the telephone calls and appointments?

Executive Presence Development Coaching

Make sure you have the "Wow" factor so you stand out as a powerful and successful business person. The wow factor is often called “executive presence.”  It is easy to see and yet hard to define.    But it’s important to develop because when you have it, people want to promote you, do business with you, give you better assignments, and recommend you to others. 

Executive presence creates a strong personal brand. The brand is the message or impression that comes to mind when people see you, hear of you or think about you.  It is what people say about you when you leave the room. Do people want you on their team? In business, you need to build your brand with everyone; internal and external – your colleagues, boss, direct reports, clients or customers; because it’s impossible to meet and know everyone well.  Brand gives you word of mouth that is a tremendous advantage.

Executive presence is not just fluff, and it isn’t about first impressions; it is a thought or feeling about you that develops over time based on other people’s experiences with you.  When you do it right, you build trust and credibility which creates word of mouth or buzz that opens up business opportunities and creates professional and financial success for you and your company.

Yes, You can learn it and develop a strong positive executive presence.  

We work on Executive Presence that will include these areas:

Substance; Personal Style; Physical Presence; Vocal Skill; Respect; Manners/Etiquette; Receptivity/Listening; Your Work Space.

What are some choices to work on?


Nancy McCarthy, at 301-564-5198 or

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