Everybody Sells! Program

This is a Company wide program suggested to be six months + with sessions weekly or monthly. These group or one on one sessions are for Salespeople, Sales Engineers, Subject Matter Experts, Program Managers, Employees onsite at customer locations, Consultants, Attorney’s, CPA's, Sales Engineers and other non-sales professionals. This greatly benefits the non-salesperson team member that attends meetings, presentations and functions in front of the clients. You excel in your area of work, you might not do sales as your profession but, you would love to shine at meetings and be regarded as a Rainmaker for your organization. Have you ever been in a meeting where you or your associate says too little or too much? Your technical expert talks too much so no one listens.  Frequently giving too much information can cause new roadblocks to getting the deal signed, but giving too little information or not asking for the deal can also delay closing business. 

DC Rainmaker's Clients have had great success with this program encouraging everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for ideas on how to further bring new solutions to your customers.  Many clients have created incentive rewards for qualified leads as well as for new closed business they identified.  These programs are customized for your specific company to be the most effective and successful by focusing on your specific customers.

Some examples of topics offered:


Pricing is on a monthly retainer to work with one or several people throughout the month. Boot Camps are daily fixed price. Please contact Nancy McCarthy at 301-564-5198 or nmccarthy@dcRainmakers.com

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