Strategic and Tactical Sales Consulting and Sales Leadership Team Building for Federal and Commercial Markets

DC Rainmakers has assisted clients hire VP's of Sales and Sales leaders for several years.

Priceless Performance Recruiting Service ....

Evaluation of your Sales Team

Setting up Sales Operations so your team is organized and can track their success, this includes creating and Evaluating Pipelines and Opportunity Plans.

Recruiting your Sales Leadership, this will be a hybrid service more like a 'Retained Search' but more cost effective for the business executive doing the hiring.

Onboarding the new Sales Leader, this will help create a fast start and create results earlier to evaluate success.

Evaluation and Replacement as needed.


Benefits of Priceless Performance

The ROI of this service is PRICELESS!!!

Because of the 'Onboarding' process the client company will be much less at risk of hiring and keeping too long a new hire that will not produce the expected results. Sometimes problems don't show up until they start working.

DC Rainmakers will still be there supporting the client if a decision is made that the new hire is not working out so a new search begins immediately without negotiation with a Recruiter to guarantee the candidate when hired.


Nancy McCarthy, President of DC Rainmaker's LLC, brings 20+ years of award winning sales and sales management experience in commercial and federal government markets at fortune 50 companies to your organization.  DC Rainmakers was started in and her experience is especially valuable for increasing the sustainable corporate revenue as quickly as possible.  It is typical for Nancy's clients to see a 40% increase in profitable revenue after a 6 to 12 month program.

Nancy has a great track record over the past 5 years of helping CEO's, Vice President, Directors, Managers and Sales Representatives move from being good to GREAT.  Results are what it is all about and she makes them happen.  The ROI for her services is incredible as the results start flowing in. She emphasizes building strong qualified pipelines and analyses how the qualifying of customers and opportunities is handles at her customers. She helps them consider what is the probability of win, strategic fit, proposal feasibility, the ability to execute the proposal, and does it make financial sense.

Nancy’s sales and leadership ability has developed over years of working in the sales and management arena for excellent companies such as General Electric, GE Capital’s Satellite Division, LexisNexis, and McGraw-Hill’s e-Learning Division.  She opened new markets in most of her positions breaking through quotas with a track record of performing consistently in the top 1% if not #1 nationwide.  Her experience includes both the Commercial and Federal Government markets in selling technology services and products as well as non-technical.  Nancy’s experience identifying and closing deals up to $30 million with very lean organizations means her consulting is based on successful strategic and tactical experience. 

Nancy assists both the executive team with strategy and the execution of the tactical elements in the field as well as in your boardroom.  In addition, she helps sales organizations successfully embrace acquisitions with team integration and organizational alignment based on her experience at constantly growing companies.  She guides the team to making the most effective use of salespeople and opening doors for new products.

She helps you learn if you have the right people in the right positions or if some seats on the bus should be changed. if you would like some validation that the organization has the right people, processes and structure in the sales organization to achieve your intended Return on Investment (ROI), a Sales Evaluation Review is what you need. This process is not easy for the participants. Difficult questions are asked and further explanations as needed to create a complete picture. The results will give you the real life sales reality this company faces and your potential ROI. This is the solid information you need to make your decisions.

The Sales Rainmaker Evaluation will include:

The results will be discussed in a strategy session or as agreed to customize the outcomes.

Nancy assists both the executive team with strategy and also with the execution of the tactical parts of the game plan in the field as well as in your board room. She can accompany you on a sales appointment to close business and give deal winning presentations for you if you are lacking an experienced sales team.

Once you are a DC Rainmaker client, you are just a phone call away from consulting on specific sales challenges or business situations. CEO clients may be invited to join the Rainmaker Roundtable breakfasts, which are strategic business discussions Nancy hosts. Experts such as attorneys, accountants, marketing and leadership development will be there in addition to sales consulting from Nancy to offer solutions. This offers members of the group to learn from each other and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Rainmaker Consulting Examples:

Management Consulting:

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