CEO Business Development and Sales Coaching, Executive Presence and One Day Executive Sales Boot Camp

This service is by special request of our clients. It is very confidential for the CEO or other C- level executive's, Attorney’s, CPA's. DC Rainmakers turns Executives into Rainmakers taking those who are determined to improve their game, up to the next level. Nancy's 20+ years of experience identifying and closing $30M+ deals totalling hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue and continously sucessful at opening new markets and growing existing business as she blew away her quotas makes these sessions especially valuable for increasing the profitable and sustainable revenue of your company.

The one on one coaching Nancy offers has been extremely beneficial for the CEO’s of small companies. Blended into the sales coaching is consulting on where the company can find new revenues and increase revenues the fastest.

A program will be created specifically for you and your goals, or participate in one or several one day boot camps that are private and one on one. One-year programs are for the Professional and Small Business Owner desiring a program that covers all topics and has room for discussion on current issues.

This service offers the highest and fastest impact on increasing revenue by focusing on specific individual strength’s, successes, issues and needs. This coaching is highly successful in dynamic and private one on one sessions. The Boot Camps are one full 8-hour day off site to ensure privacy, focus and success. Truly a sales transformation that is sustainable.

The ROI is very high for Nancy's services highlighted by many of her clients working with her for several years to keep building the profitable revenue. Some clients have been delighted with their significantly increased sales results of up to 311% year over year. Most will see a 40% increase in profitable revenue after a program.

Once you are a DC Rainmaker client, you are just a phone call away from consulting on specific sales challenges or business situations. CEO clients may be invited to join the Rainmaker Roundtable breakfasts, which are strategic business discussions Nancy hosts. Experts such as attorneys, accountants, marketing and leadership development will be there in addition to sales consulting from Nancy to offer solutions. This offers members of the group to learn from each other and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fortune 500 company CEO’s practice their company pitch, presentations and negotiations before going in front of clients or the board. They do these things more successfully because they work with a coach before presenting their ideas to others. You and your executives will benefit by working on personal style issues, interpersonal skills, winning the audience, developing greater sales smarts and resilience, and increasing your ability to gain others confidence. How do you sound? Do you appear self-confident and therefore gain the confidence of the customer? Do you know when to be quiet and let them speak first?

Clients walk away with real life applications they can actually use. The new skills and applications have been practiced and the client has developed a plan for consistent revenue improvement. This is not sales training with a manual you put on a shelf after class! This coaching is learning, planning and practicing and then more practicing.

Some clients seek VC capital or want to grow the company before selling or going public. Nancy helps them achieve those goals.

Executive Presence Development Coaching

Make sure you have the "Wow" factor so you stand out as a powerful and successful business person. The wow factor is often called “executive presence.”  It is easy to see and yet hard to define.    But it’s important to develop because when you have it, people want to promote you, do business with you, give you better assignments, and recommend you to others. 

Executive presence creates a strong personal brand. The brand is the message or impression that comes to mind when people see you, hear of you or think about you.  It is what people say about you when you leave the room. Do people want you on their team? In business, you need to build your brand with everyone; internal and external – your colleagues, boss, direct reports, clients or customers; because it’s impossible to meet and know everyone well.  Brand gives you word of mouth that is a tremendous advantage.

Executive presence is not just fluff, and it isn’t about first impressions; it is a thought or feeling about you that develops over time based on other people’s experiences with you.  When you do it right, you build trust and credibility which creates word of mouth or buzz that opens up business opportunities and creates professional and financial success for you and your company.

Yes, You can learn it and develop a strong positive executive presence.  

We work on Executive Presence that will include these areas:

Substance; Personal Style; Physical Presence; Vocal Skill; Respect; Manners/Etiquette; Receptivity/Listening; Your Work Space.

What are some choices to work on?


Create a Boot Camp! Any of the topics listed in the one on one coaching you need instead of the above. Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills or more.

Please inquire by contacting Nancy McCarthy at 301-564-5198 or

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