ROI and Client Results

Who is the Advisor/Consultant/Coach and Possibility Thinker?

Nancy McCarthy has a great track record over the past several years of inspiring and leading teams and organizations to exceed goals and increase profitable revenue.  She guides CEO's, EVP's. Vice President's, Directors, Managers and high performing Sales Representatives from being good to GREAT.  Results are what it is all about and she makes them happen helping clients better their best. Nancy brings to her clients a quota blowing sales and management career spanning more than 20 years with leading Fortune companies.  She is a dynamic; result driven business consultant and sales coach who turns executives into Rainmakers and helps companies grow. Nancy is an expert in sales, business development, strategic relationship building, and client relationship management for professionals in Service Organizations, Tech Companies and Knowledge-based industries.  Nancy brings to her clients proven success opening up new markets and capturing profitable new customers with industry leading results.  Skilled to not only think outside the box, but to create a new box. Her clients are Fortune 500, Inc. 500 and Inc. 5,000 as well as others working on attaining those levels.  Nancy's advice is based on her experience opening new markets and growing customer accounts as she blew away the quotas in both the Federal and Commercial markets for companies such as: GE's Satellite Division of GE Capital; McGraw-Hill's eLearning Division and LexisNexis.

Since starting DC Rainmakers in 2004, Nancy has thousands of hours of professional business consulting and coaching experience with companies such as: General Electric, LexisNexis Legal and Risk divisions, Sprint Business Solutions, Invertix, Deltek, American Systems, Peoples Publishing, Transformation Systems and others including small high growth companies. In addition, she leads a monthly Rainmaker Roundtable for C-Level executives since 2006, writes a monthly business column for the Washington Business Journal and leads the Sales and Marketing committee for NVTC, the nations largest technology council.

ROI and Results

Nancy has a great track record over the past several years of helping CEO's, Vice President, Directors, Managers and Sales Representatives move from being good to GREAT.  Results are what it is all about and she makes them happen.  The ROI for her services is incredible as the results start flowing in.  It is typical for Nancy's clients to see a 40% or double the revenue increase in profitable revenue after a 12 month program.

She has dramatically affected the quality of the pipelines and increased revenues through her coaching and strategic consulting. Some clients have seen their team members increase their deal size by more than triple. Nancy has a strong track record of client success based on her consulting on many sales related topics such as when to create a sales team, assist in the hiring and interviewing process, pay plans, help identify the proper market and successfully position the client products, services and strategy to increase sales. This is especially important when her clients are positioning the company to be sold, merged or compete for VC/ PE investment. Nancy helps them achieve their goals.

How do we do the Consulting/ Coaching?

Nancy assists both the executive team with strategy and the execution of the tactical elements in the field as well as in your boardroom.  In addition, she helps sales organizations successfully embrace acquisitions with team integration and organizational alignment based on her experience at constantly growing companies.  She guides the team to making the most effective use of salespeople and opening doors for new products.

Nancy helps you identify if you have the right people in the right positions or if some of the seats on the bus should be changed. She works mostly one on one and sometimes in small groups to increase revenues. Her philosophy is that everyone sells; therefore, she offers sales related coaching to the entire team including executives and non-sales employees.
In addition to working with LexisNexis, Sprint and many growing client companies, Nancy offers her services as a "virtual" Vice President of Business Development to several companies. In this capacity, in addition to sales consulting and coaching, Nancy attends or leads meetings with prospects and helps close business.

Nancy is not a trainer; training does not change behavior or define executable strategy. DC Rainmaker clients will never receive a 3 ring binder to leave on a shelf. You will discuss the tactics and strategies that will work for your specific situation, then you will practice them and leave the coaching or consulting sessions a greatly improved Rainmaker. The sales coaching does not create unique names of the steps of the sales process as most sales training programs do. This process creates a true transformation. To keep the sales process clear and simple, Nancy uses the same names of the sales process steps that are used in your own CRM. Why memorize unique names of sales steps in a sales training program when you can't use them in your CRM? Through out, Nancy focuses on 2 concepts: Keep it simple and Make it simple for customers to do business with you by continuous listening and asking great questions.

She encourages her clients to understand that leadership and decision-making are part of what allows a company to grow. She stresses that in decision-making, clients must balance the amount of information needed to make a decision versus the timing of the decision. If a client waits long enough to make a decision it may be irrelevant; and if you make the decision too early then you don't have enough of the facts. Nancy coaches decision makers to make decisions with 60 to 70% of all the needed information to avoid irrelevance and have substantial impact, especially on revenue growth. She guides clients to understand there is opportunity cost with everything: a decision to bid or not to bid, or to spend time with one client/prospect vs another is all opportunity cost.

Clients are in many industries:


Pricing is on a monthly retainer to work with one or several people throughout the month. Boot Camps are daily fixed price. Please contact Nancy McCarthy at 301-564-5198 or






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