About Nancy McCarthy, President of DC Rainmakers, LLC


Nancy McCarthy has built a successful sales and management career spanning more than 20 years with leading Fortune 100 companies and since 2004, leading DC Rainmakers. She is viewed as an expert in sales, business development, strategic relationship building, and client relationship management for professionals in service organizations, tech companies and knowledge-based industries. Her clients are Fortune 500 and Inc. 5,000 as well as others working to attain those levels. She has a strong reputation of success as a consultant and coach who leads her client's to increase their profitable, sustainable revenue and exceed their goals. Many of her clients continue working with her for several years gaining large successes in winning the mission to build the company. Her campaigns, strategies and sales tactics are award winning for her clients. Most of her clients have continually won business growth recognition awards for consecutive years.

Nancy specializes in developing stronger leaders and making Rainmakers out of high performers who want to take their game to the next level and substantially increase profitable revenue.
Nancy has a great track record over the past several years of inspiring and leading teams and organizations to exceed goals and increase profitable revenue.  She guides CEO's, EVP's. Vice President's, Directors, Managers and high performing Sales Representatives from being good to GREAT.  Since she easily identifies people who are true Rainmakers, she knows how to recruit and assist her clients hire "Priceless" Rainmakers and ensures a successful hire through her 'Onboarding' service.

Results are what it is all about and she makes them happen helping clients better their best.  The ROI for her services is incredible as the results start flowing in.  Nancy brings to her clients a quota blowing sales and management career.  She is a dynamic; result driven business consultant and sales coach who turns executives into Rainmakers and helps companies grow. Nancy brings to her clients proven success opening new markets and capturing profitable new customers while growing existing business with industry leading results.  She is skilled to not only think outside of the box, but to create a new box. She is truly a Possibility Thinker. Nancy's advice is based on her experience opening new markets and growing customer accounts as she blew away the quotas in both the Federal and Commercial markets for companies such as: GE's Satellite Division of GE Capital; McGraw-Hill's e-Learning Division and LexisNexis.

She is herself a true award winning Rainmaker who identified and closed individual deals of $40 million+ in billed revenue and hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue over her career selling both products and services. She opened new markets in most of her positions breaking through quotas with a track record of out performing consistently in the top 1% if not #1 nationwide.  She held positions as VP, Director of Channel Sales for North America, Manager and Salesperson.  She was successful both hunting and farming and loved developing strong relationships with her customers.  

Her coaching encourages behavioral changes through practice very much like a coach for sports using both humor and tough love. She has great success working with CEO's, the Executive team, Professionals, Sales/ Business Development and non-sales team members that touch the customer to help them become stronger leaders to help the company grow.  She believes and promotes the theory that Rainmakers are great Leaders and believes that to be a great salesperson you must be a leader.  Rainmakers must lead the customer so they can achieve their goals and lead the internal team to make sure the customer is happy and ensure the company has what it needs.

She believes in focusing on things that matter such as understanding market expectations, the customer's needs, goals and dreams. Through this approach, she successfully assists her clients to open doors; interview, hire and great build sales/business development teams, strengthen existing relationships with clients, build executive presence and stronger presentation skills, create sales operations structure and sales strategy for growth, identify and close profitable business.

She is a tough dedicated business consultant and sales coach with tenacity, integrity and very strong character who loves her clients and whose only goals are to assist her clients surpass theirs.  She has developed a reputation for giving honest feedback and pushing her clients past their comfort zones to grow as executives and thereby growing their companies.  She changes cultures, attitudes and style. She makes things happen and gets her client's results.

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