Nancy’s Background

DC Rainmakers LLC. started business in 2004 and has flourished because of its wonderful clients. Nancy’s sales and leadership ability has developed over 20+ years of working in the sales and management arena for excellent companies such as General Electric, GE Capital’s Satellite Division, LexisNexis Online Information, and McGraw-Hill’s e-learning Division. She opened new markets in most of her positions breaking through quotas with a track record of performing consistently in the top 1% if not #1 nationwide.  Utilizing strong strategic and tactical planning ability, she identified and closed deals up to $30 million.  Her experience includes both the Commercial and Federal Government markets in selling technology services and products as well as non-technical.

She is a dynamic, result driven executive sales consultant and coach who turns executives into Rainmakers and has years of successes creating sustainable, profitable revenue for her clients with a great ROI.  Nancy is currently writing a monthly column in the Washington Business Journal, many of those articles are posted on this web site under Sales Tips. She is a speaker at national conventions, published many articles and is quoted by the Washington Post and newsletters.

Nancy specializes in making Rainmakers out of high performers and leaders who want to take their game to the next level and substantially increase revenue and profits.  Clients often retain her as a virtual Vice President of Sales for firms that need to create a sales strategy, firms who do not yet have their own sales management or for firms needing an evaluation of their sales management.  She often helps clients evaluate their existing sales team, help hire for replacements and assist in building a sales team where there is none as well as creating Sales Operations structure. She is especially successful in identifying a Rainmaker when she meets one so her Sales Leadership recruiting and Fast Start Onboarding services are very highly thought of. The service is called Priceless Performance which she created after years of frustration trying to use outside recruiters to find Rainmakers for her clients when they needed to fill Sales Leadership roles such as Sales VP or Chief Sales Officer.

At GE Capital, Nancy reported one step away from the CEO of the $12 Billion division. She had customers across the US and Europe. When she was hired revenues in her market were $5 million. Nancy closed over $45 million in new business her last year in addition to annually renewing the existing $5 million in a highly competitive environment. She identified and closed new business, managed existing business, negotiated the terms and conditions on contracts and strategically worked all relationships with her business partners like Lockheed Martin and Computer Sciences, Raytheon etc.

Some of her customers were: Marriott, Home Depot, 3M, Lockheed Martin, Computer Sciences Corp., Northrop, Raytheon, AT&T, MCI, both the Civilian and DOD sides of the Federal Government such as: NSA, National Security Agency; CIA, DIA, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, IRS, NASA, NOAA, USDA, Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, etc., and many large Associations and large Law Firms in Washington DC.

Nancy is very flexible and customer needs-oriented, selling technical and non-technical services and products. Over the years, she has been the recipient of numerous sales achievement awards and president’s clubs trips. At one position she was asked to open a Federal sales market in DC. She was given a desk, a phone and the Federal Government Yellow Pages. The first year she made a plan and then worked the plan. Every year after that she was #1 in the company attending the Presidents Club trips every year and receiving quarterly congratulatory notes from the President and other executives over 7 years.

She has never sold “price” and coaches others to be consultants and sell the outcome the customer needs, solutions, quality and emphasize the relationship. At the same time Nancy always had some of the highest profit margins. At GE she was described as the customer advocate by her customer and she developed such trust that she was able to identify and close a sole source $15 million deal. She also negotiated the terms and conditions very successfully. Her sales philosophy is that a Rainmaker is truly a consultative salesperson utilizing refined questioning and listening skills. She has participated in many corporate programs such as GE’s Sigma for Greenbelt training and several business skill and leadership development courses at the GE Corporate University.

Nancy has thousands of hours of professional management consulting and sales coaching experience with companies such as: General Electric, LexisNexis, Sprint Business Solutions, Deltek, American Systems, Invertix, Citizant, Peoples Publishing, Albo & Oblon, Transformation Systems and more. She also hosts a monthly CEO Rainmaker Roundtable to discuss proven strategies and tactics for growing companies.

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